Tracking Markers

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What are Tracking Markers?

These are on-screen reference points, used when shooting a scene. These markers allow graphics to be accurately tracked to a surface if it, or the camera is moving in the shot. They are ultimately removed during the post-production process. The tracking and visual effects are done by the chosen production company.


  • Tracking markers are required for visual effects shots where there are movements either in camera or the object(s).
  • The markers are placed on an object or within a scene to track the object in order to add elements in post production.
  • Be aware of not having anything in front of the markers, as they would have to be removed in post production.
  • The size and location should be discussed by the visual effect team, as they would know how to best place them.


1. Tracking the movement

  • First the visual effect team will use the markers to track the movement of each marker, so they can use this later for their VFX.
    • Notion image

2. Removal of the markers & adding VFX

  • The visual effects team will then remove the markers in the post-production process by painting them out, creating what is called a “clean-plate”. You will therefore not see the tracking markers in the finished shot.
  • Text and/or graphics can then be added on top of the clean-plate as desired.
    • Notion image
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Last updated on April 22, 2024