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Learn all about data-driven video

Data-driven video is video that has some sort of changeable parts in it that are determined by datapoints. This could be as simple as saying someone’s name, displaying text/gfx, or playing a different video clip based on a receiver’s data profile.

Example of a data-driven video

In order to give you an idea of what a personalised film can look like, we have created one to demonstrate the possibilities using our own outreach film.

Breakdown of the personalisations used in the example

  • A film will contain parts where we personalise (in red) and parts that are “static” sent to all receivers regardless of the data.
Notion image

The datapoints used in this example are:

  • first_name = Tom:
    • In the name reading at 0:00.
    • Text on the t-shirt at 0:02.
    • Text on the tattoo at 0:08.
    • Text on the cup at 0:51.
    • Text on the end card at 1:19.
  • company_name = SEEN AS:
    • Text on the wall at 0:10.
  • company_logo = seen-logo.png:
    • Logo on the paper at 0:18.
  • industry = SaaS company:
    • Clip swap at 0:18, depending on the industry.
    • Clip swap at 1:02, saying “Users” depending on the industry.
  • country = Norway:
    • Flag on the cup at 0:53.

All of these data points can be changed depending on the receiver of the film and can be sent out to hundreds, even millions of receivers.

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Last updated on August 4, 2021