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This documentation is intended for those responsible - Videographer(s) & Video production companies who will be delivering film material to SEEN for personalisation.

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SEEN’s Responsibility

SEEN specialises in rendering data driven videos. We can render anything from 100 videos up to millions of videos at immense speed and scale. To be able to make the most stunning and impactful film, we recommend our customers collaborate with a production company to plan, produce, edit and create the best visual effects possible. The finished film and associated elements will then get delivered to SEEN.

Summary of the Film Delivery Process

  • Render of completed Master film with example text for VFX shots.
  • Name list recording (if applicable) as one long video file with grade and sound treatment.
  • After Effects project(s) with text layer, tracking and video background, following our AE guidelines.
  • Audio split into different stems (dialogue, music, fx), delivered as .wav.
  • Subtitles as .srt files.
  • Any additional clip-swap video files with corresponding subtitle .srt files.

SEEN will then process the data to work within our system and render the personalised videos.

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Last updated on April 23, 2024