Allowed AE Effects

What effects can you use?

The SEEN platform employs its own proprietary, world-class rendering engine, instead of using AErenderer in After Effects. As a result, this means that when you deliver us an After Effects project, it must adhere to a designated set of effects for "variable" elements (such as personalised text altered by data points). We've curated a specific collection of these effects for your convenience. Refer to the list below. If an effect is not included, it's presently unsupported.

General guidelines

  • Minimise the use of pre-comps, as each pre-composition leads to a performance loss.
  • Maximum composition sizes is 1920x1080, which also applies to all pre-comps.
  • Only use 25 frames per second.
  • Expressions are not allowed.
  • Only use images as jpg/jpeg/png.

✅ = Feature is supported.

❌ = Feature is not supported.



Animating via keyframes is possible for the properties below:

✅ Anchor Point.

✅ Position

✅ Position - Separate Dimensions.

✅ Scale.

✅ Rotation.

✅ Orientation.

✅ 3D XYZ Rotation.

✅ Opacity.

Keyframe interpolation

✅ All Temporal Interpolation & Spatial Interpolation (Linear, Bezier, Continuous Bezier, Auto Bezier, Hold) with Easy Ease, Easy Ease In, Easy Ease Out and handle animation in the Graph Editor.

Text Animators

Range selector available for all of them.

✅ Position.

✅ Scale.

✅ Rotation.

✅ Opacity.

❌ The rest of options are not supported yet.

Supported Effects

Mocha/Mocha Pro

✅ Mocha/Mocha Pro can be used to track, but the tracking data must be exported as a Corner Pin.

❌ We cannot use Power Mesh in Mocha Pro for tracking on cloth materials, because it can not be exported as Corner Pin.

Mesh Warp

✅ Mesh Warp is supported.

✅ Mesh Warp points can be animated.

Corner Pin/CC Power Pin

✅ Corner Pin is highly recommended over the use of a 3D Camera for tracking. Corner Pin usually provides the best results in our campaigns.

✅ Animating all four corners.

❌ For CC Power Pin: Perspective needs to be at 100% and no settings in Expansion are supported.

Displacement Map

✅ Displacement Map Layer and Max Vertical/Horizontal displacement supported.

NB - Cannot be placed on same layer as Corner Pin or Power Pin Tracking. Tracked layer must be pre-comped before applying effect.

Gaussian Blur

✅ Blurriness, can be animated.

✅ Blur Dimensions, but the setting can't be animated.

✅ Repeat Edge Pixels, but the setting can't be animated.

Fast Box Blur

✅ Blur Radius, can be animated.

✅ Iterations, but they can't be bigger than 10.

✅ Blur Dimensions, but the setting can't be animated.

❌ Repeat Edge Pixels. Result will be like if it would be set to off.

Drop Shadow

✅ Supported with animation: shadow color, opacity, direction, distance, softness.

Use shadow only parameter is supported but not with animations.


✅ Color, Invert, Opacity are supported.

❌ Fill Mask is not supported.



CC Toner

Gradient Ramp

✅ Supported with animation: start of ramp, end of ramp, start color, end color and blend with original.

❌ Scatter parameter, and radial ramp is not supported.

Supported Layers

Setting and animating transforms for all layers listed below is supported, including objects with 3D switch on.

Text along a path

✅ Text along a Path/Mask


✅ Masks are supported

❌ Can not be animated

❌ Feathering


✅ Font is supported

✅ Size is supported

✅ Alignment

❌ Force all caps

❌ Faux bold/italic

❌ Small caps, superscript/subscript


Null Object

✅ Parenting to nulls for transforms


✅ Maximum size 1920x1080

Shape layer

✅ Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle and Pen Tool

✅ Grouping of layers

✅ “below previous in the same group”

✅ Animating group transforms

✅ Effects

✅ Motion blur ¹

✅ Opacity ²

✅ Stroke and fill ³

✅ Strokes: Color, opacity, stroke width, line cap, line join, miter limit.

❌ Strokes: Dashes, taper and wave.

✅ Strokes: Animating stroke width, colour and opacity.

❌ Strokes: Blending modes

❌ Vertex animations

❌ Reverse path direction

✅ Fills: Color and opacity

❌ Fills: Fill rule

✅ Fills: Animating fill values

✅ Fills: Blending modes

Image layers

Video layers ⁴

3D Camera

✅ One and two node camera

✅ Zoom

❌ Zoom animation. Please instead animate z coord of the camera's position for the desired result.

Each composition can have one camera, that has to be active throughout the whole composition timeline.

Layer switches

✅ Motion Blur

✅ 3D

✅ Parent

Track Mattes

✅ Alpha & Alpha inverted

✅ Luma & Luma inverted ⁵

Transfer modes

✅ Normal

✅ Multiply

✅ Screen

✅ Overlay

✅ Darken

✅ Lighten

✅ ColorDodge

✅ ColorBurn

✅ HardLight

✅ SoftLight

✅ Difference

✅ Exclusion

✅ Hue

✅ Saturation

✅ Color

✅ Luminosity

✅ Add

¹ If strokes are present with motion blur it will not look the same as in AE. If only stroke is present and no fill, then it is fine.

² Can be set on shape group level, not shape layer level, and group opacities won’t add up together.

³ One stroke and fill is supported per shape, and only in the leaf objects in groups.

⁴ Video layers can’t have starting points before the composition’s own starting point.

⁵ If you are using alpha matte, use black & white luma matte for mp4 files.

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Last updated on April 23, 2024