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We have collated the most frequently asked questions about the film production and film delivery below.

The Example Film

How long should the film be?

This is a creative choice. You must consider how likely it is for the receiver to watch to the end based on the content of the film, the messaging you are trying to convey and your target audience. Discuss this with your chosen production company.

Does SEEN do the the visual effects?

No. You supply SEEN with After Effects project file(s) containing completed VFX.

How long should the personalisation be?

This is a creative choice. Ensure there is enough time on screen for text personalisations to be read by the viewer even on a small, phone screen.

Who cuts the film?

The production company or yourself, (if being produced without a production company).

How can I visually structure the flow of the film?

If you find your film to be too hard to visually understand, you can refer to the Film Structure page.

Name List

How do we get the list of names?

Supply us with a gross list of names in your current database, and we’ll generate a list of the most common names to be used in the film production. For select countries, we have pre-prepared lists.

How do we record the names?

For information how to record the names, read our Name List guide.

How should the name video/audio file be delivered?

It should be delivered as one long video file with the correct grade and audio treatment matching the Example Film.

Who cuts the name file?

SEEN will cut the name file into individual name clips, based on the names from the name list.

Can we record double names?

Typically only single names are recorded, based off of a popular names list in your country. SEEN can also create a list for you based on the most popular names in your organisation, to give you the best coverage.

Why do I need to record a generic name or greeting?

This is to ensure that any receivers with names that fall outside of your name list can receive a greeting and therefore still get a personalised video. Read our Name List guide.

Delivery to SEEN

How should the delivery look like?

Details on the files and folder structure, which must be supplied to SEEN can be found at our Delivery of Film Material guide.

How do we deliver files to SEEN?

SEEN will provide a digital link for film delivery.

Do we need subtitles?

This is based on your own requirements, but typically we suggest using subtitles for the option to watch the film without audio.

How do we deliver subtitles when there are multiple video clips?

If your multi clip video file is delivered as a string in a single mov file, it is normally best to deliver as a single subtitle (.srt) file that covers all instances where a subtitle needs to appear.

After Effects

Do we have to use After Effects to make the effects?

Yes, SEEN only accepts After Effects project files for VFX.

Can we deliver the whole film in one After Effects Project or does it need to be split into separate AE files?

It can be both. Either supplied in a single After Effects project, or you can divide them into one After Effects project per VFX-shot.

Which effects can we use inside After Effects?

To view our most up to date list of supported effects, read our After Effects Guide.

Why can’t we use plugins?

Although SEEN uses After Effects project files as source for the VFX personalisations in the film, our in-house technology translates this data into a readable format for our render engine. 3rd party plugins are therefore not supported. This only applies to personalised text elements that are variable. You can create “baked-in” pre-rendered elements using plugins.

Why can’t we use expressions?

As we use our own world class render engine to generate the videos, expressions in After Effects are not supported. This only applies to personalised text elements that are variable. You can create “baked-in” pre-rendered elements using expressions.

Can we use Mocha Pro for tracking?

You may use Mocha Pro for planar tracking, but the tracking result must be delivered as a Corner Pin/Power Pin with keyframes on the tracked layer. We do not support “Power Mesh” tracking in Mocha Pro.
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Last updated on April 23, 2024