Delivery of Film Material

A quick guide on what to deliver to SEEN

SEEN will provide a digital link for file delivery.

1. Example film

Export the following:

  • Codec: h.264 (can be .mp4 or .mov).
  • Frame-rate: 25 fps.
  • Datarate: 35 Mbps.
  • Including music.
  • Including finished VFX(s) with example data.
  • Without burned in subtitles.
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2. Subtitles

We usually recommend using subtitles, both for viewers with hearing disabilities, but also for viewers watching their film on phones in areas where sound is inconvenient.

Subtitles exported as separate .srt file:

  • Timing of subtitles must be correct.
  • A placeholder can be used for clips with changing subtitles Eg. "Hi name".
  • Select subtitle track in project panel then File - Export - Captions
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3. Name list recording

Read the Pre-production guide on how to record the name list. SEEN will handle the cutting of the file.

Export the following:

  • One video file containing all the name recordings.
  • File must have correct grading and sound treatment applied, in line with the main film.
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4. Audio

Export the following:

  • One complete audio track in wav-format.
  • One dialog track in wav-format.
  • One music track in wav-format.
  • One SFX track in wav-format (if used).

5. After Effects

A. Preparing for delivery of VFX(s):

  • When working with your visual effects, consider that many end users often watch the film on their phones, so the text (information) should be readable in both length and size.
  • When you have finished all of your visual effects, they can either be supplied as a single After Effects project file, or you can divide them into one After Effects project per VFX shot.
  • VFX shots in the AE project(s) MUST match the VFX shot in the example film in length, grade and sound.
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B. Reduce the After Effects project:

  • Remove all unnecessary effects and layers
  • Bake all of the effects into one base layer video file (mov).
  • Select the final composition for render and choose:File - Dependencies - Reduce projectThis will remove all unused files from the AEP.
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C. Clean the After Effects project:

  • For most VFX shots you will only need 4 layers in the final composition:
    • Track (if needed)
    • Matte (if required). Bake any roto work down into a luma matte layer where possible.
    • Text layer
    • Video file with correct grade (and audio for synching purposes)
  • It is possible to use pre-comps where the text layer stays.
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D. Export each After Effects Project:

  • Export as : File - Dependencies - Collect Files
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E. Fonts:

  • Include all fonts inside the folder.
  • Fonts need to include all the language characters you will use for your sending: Example for Scandinavian characters: Å,å,Ä,ä,Ö,ö,Å,å,Æ,æ,Ø,ø
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6. Extra Video Assets

A. Delivery of videos:

  • If there are more video assets, deliver them as separate mp4/mov files.
  • Remember to also include subtitles to these files.
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B. Image-in-video or video-in-video:

  • This is possible, but requires that the image or video assets are sent to us prior to implementation, and cannot be referenced by URLs in an API payload for Always On campaigns.
  • File formats must be: .mp4, .mov, .jpg or .png.
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7. Custom Thumbnail Assets

  • It is important to discuss what to use as the film thumbnail with the customer as the image shown on the landing page can have a big impact on if the receiver plays their film or not!
  • For films with custom thumbnails, upload the After Effects file and collected assets.
  • If no custom thumbnail, upload a screenshot of a VFX/Personalised graphic shot for the landing page, ensuring it includes text personalisation.
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The do's:

  • Clean the After effects project - remove extra files and effects.
  • Deliver everything in 1080p.
  • Deliver at 25 fps.

The dont's:

  • NO 4K comps or file(s).
  • NO third party plugins.
  • NO image sequences (.tiff, .png, etc).
  • NO expressions.
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Last updated on April 23, 2024