Film Structure

Let’s see how your datapoints interact with the film

A Film Structure document is our way of planning where all the data points go in a film and what elements need to be created to achieve this.

Film Structure Example

  • For our outreach film, we started with our default film structure set up made in Figma.
  • We then changed it to fit our flow of the film. Example below:
Notion image

Setting up your Film Structure

Step 1:

  • When the customer knows what type of data they want to use in the film, the process of creating the film structure can begin.

Step 2:

  • Duplicate our default interactive Figma page HERE, to set up the flow of your specific film.

Step 3:

  • Share the flow with everyone involved to make it more clear for the customer, production company, data provider, and us at SEEN.
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Last updated on April 23, 2024